Sunday, April 22, 2012


Dear Valued Customers,

Thank you for your interest in our park!

Good news for all the enthusiast climbers!! We are now re-open the summit and base camp at CP4 (534 meter a.s.l) and you are able to see either the sunrise or the sunset view at the summit!

For the hiking activity, it is compulsory to hire the guide, and camping site is only available either at the base (adequate and satisfied facilitiy: toilet/lighting/shaded cooking area)

or CP4(Kolam Gajah-534 meter a.s.l) only. To camping at CP4, the latest time you need to arrive at the park is at 2pm because you need to climb and will take 3 hours journey to reach at CP4.

What make CP4 interesting?

  • From CP4, it will take only 3/4 hours journey to reach at the summit. So, for enthusiast climbers who willing to see either sunrise can afford that by start trekking at 3 a.m or start trekking from CP4 at 3p.m to see the sunset at the summit.
  • From CP4, the waterfalls seeker can go and get waterfalls massage at Twin Falls which is more than 3 storey heights and the pool under the waterfalls is shallow. But for sure to go there, the guide will check it first either it safe because if it is heavy rain at that moment, the water is swift and rapid make the waterfall dangerous. To go there you need to give additional RM 30.00 to the guide.

Details that we need you need to provide and send through email:

There are two resorts actually at Gunung Ledang:

  • Gunung Ledang Resort (Entrance A)-for family recreation,team-building,etc but no more climbing trail to the summit due to erosion and safety issue)

  • Gunung Ledang National Park also known as Taman Hutan Lagenda (Entrance B)- for hiking, team-building, paintball,etc.

To help with that the new road and new signage build to ease visitor to enter our park.

Please do not hesitate to ask any question through my email: and I will reply it as soon as possible.

Thank you again for your interest enjoying the nature at our park...I hope those information will help you to be well prepared for your trip. Hope to see you soon!!