Friday, May 3, 2013


Make sure you ....

 1. Read the guidelines and procedure carefully (every pages inside the blog) and
     make sure you are fully understand.

 2. Send your inquiries (if any) & reservation to the email - 1 month booking in advance

 3. Please book earlier if it is inclusive of accommodation request - 3 months in advance   

 4. Send full details of your information before requesting the quotation.

 5. Paying the booking deposit - 2 week before your arrival & get the quotation + the booking number

 6. Get the guide details - name & phone number

 7. Bring along completed registration form during the registration

 8. Make sure you come earlier and the latest time is at;
       a) 8.00a.m - if you are do day trip climbing
       b) 11.00 am - if you intend to over night at CP4 base camp, Kolam Gajah